Foam according to industry standard

Polyether foam
Polyether foam with a round and even cell structure.

High Resilience foam
A durable foam with a very high resilience.

Visco-elastic foam
Foam that distributes body weight, absorbs energy and regulates heat.

Sustainable Foams - Orbis

Orbis foam

Unique, flexible polyurethane (PU) foam made with raw materials sourced from recycled post-consumer foam mattresses.

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Special foams

Durable, high quality and high level of comfort with a 7-year guarantee for dimensional stability.

High quality PU foam with a soft surface and better support.

New generation of comfort foams. Good resilience and elasticity with excellent dimensional stability.

A foam with a completely open cell structure for optimum ventilation and moisture removal.

High Durability foam
Foam with hydrophilic properties and a quick recovery after compression.

Foam with special functions

Safety Foam
Polyether foam which complies with a high degree of fire resistance.

High Intensive Colour foam
Low density polyether foam with added dyes for an intense colour.

Medical Foam
Specially developed foam for applications in the medical world.