Support and foam engineering

 Draka Interfoam has been part of The Vita Group, European leader in polymer technology since 1985. The Vita Group has branches in 21 countries, employing more than 8000 people. Within Europe there are Vita companies in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, England, Denmark, Sweden, France, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria. For more information see The Vita Group.

Development of new foams

At Draka Interfoam we deliver high-quality foams where service is an important part of the delivery package. From our years of experience, we like to work long-term with our clients whereby we are closely involved in the development of new products.

Custom made foam

Where your requirements fall outside the specifications of our grades, our R&D department will also engineer customised foam. In doing so we provide chemical engineering, production, testing and certification. In short, we develop foam products that are fully tailored to your needs.

Important focal points in the development are; durability, consistent quality, block geometry, block weight and foam tolerances.


Conversion service

In addition to the production and delivery of a wide variety of comfort foams, we also provide the complete manufacturing of end products such as mattresses. The foam conversion takes place according to your specifications and we are happy to advise you so that an optimal product is created at the lowest costs. 

 For mattresses we can take care of the entire production, packaging and shipment, whereby your customer orders are sent directly from our system under your brand name.

Quality management

At Draka Interfoam we stand for our quality and will always strive for perfection. We use our expertise to improve our production processes and products. We work closely with renowned institutions such as LGA and TNO.

All our foams are tested according to the generally applicable ISO and/or DIN standards, supplemented with country-specific requirements and conditions. Where required, our foams meet the Oeko-Tex┬« standard 100. 

You can download our relevant certificates HERE


Logistical support

Draka Interfoam has opted to place the logistic activities, under its own brand name, with an external specialised party. By combining as many loads as possible, we want to contribute to more efficient transport and an improved environment. 

 To transport complete blocks of foam we have access to a number of specialised vehicles. These vehicles are specially built so that they can carry 45 or even 54 blocks (312 m3) of foam, rather than 12 blocks that fit in a standard truck.

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