Orbis™, the first revitalized foam

The circular choice in comfort.

Orbis foam

Orbis™ polyurethane foam

New Flexible Revitalized foam using polyol derived from 'end-to-life' mattresses

Orbis™ foam from Vita is Europe’s first flexible polyurethane (PU) foam made with raw materials sourced from recycled post-consumer foam mattresses. The main driver behind the development of Orbis™, and other sustainable foams produced by The Vita Group, is to create a circular economy. For Orbis this means preventing post-consumer products from ending up in landfills or being incinerated, thus creating a fully circular product.

The Vita group is adding a new revolutionary foam into a collection of sustainable PU foams, a new flexible PU foam solution made from polyols, which are sourced from recycled post-consumer foam mattresses. The resulting polyol partially replaces the petrochemical-based polyols used in producing standard PU foam.

Circularity in action, built for comfort

The main objective behind the development of Orbis and other sustainable foam at The Vita Group is to create a circular economy for PU foam products, so they don’t end up in landfills and incineration. The Mattress Recycling Program from our partners aims to recycle up to 200,000 post-consumer mattresses a year in and help address the problem of waste landfilling and incineration. The recycled PU Foam mattresses are processed using H&S technology which converts the foam back into a base raw material that Vita can use in its production of brand-new foam for many applications including mattresses, pillows, furniture and seating. The foams produced from this ‘re-polyol’ will have similar properties to products based on ‘virgin’ raw materials and can be used in all applications.

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Orbis foam


Suitable for roll packaging - roll-packed mattresses

Uncompromising quality


Truly sustainable

Comparable foam

Countless lifecycles

Zero waste




Awards and International Recognition

The Vita Group, Europe’s leading flexible foam solutions provider, has won two prominent awards at the world-leading furniture trade fair Interzum@Home 2021 and UTECH 2021 in recognition of its sustainable foam innovations.

Utech Europe 2021
Interzum award best of the best

Technical information

Type Density kg/m3 Hardness kPa Colour
30RF ORBIS™ 30 4,2 Leaf Green
30RS ORBIS™ 30 3,3 Leaf Green
28RF ORBIS™ 28 3,3 Leaf Green
24RF ORBIS™ 24 3,4 Leaf Green

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