A perfect soft landing with Draka foam

Relentless training and improving by falling and getting back up again. To train without fear of falling, we supply the right foams for sports and gymnastic halls, gyms and (top) sports halls.

Sports & leisure

Draka foams are available in various densities and hardnesses. Each with its own application within sports and gymnastics halls, gyms and (top) sports halls.
Landing mats, the so-called VAZA mats, sturdy blocks for the trainer to stand on, pitfalls and wall and floor coverings.

Safe “Bouldering”

Bouldering is an explosive and spectacular way of climbing. Bouldering is literally: climbing on a rock. Because there are no boulders in the Netherlands, we boulder on climbing walls of up to 4.5 meters.

You can always fall when bouldering. That is why there are mats under the boulder walls, so that if you fall, you’ll have a soft landing.

Conversion services

In addition to the production and supply of a wide variety of foams for industrial applications, we also handle the conversion of foams, including cutting, contouring, gluing and packaging. The foam conversion takes place according to your specifications and we are happy to advise you so that an optimal product is created at the lowest costs.

Foam according to industry standard

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