Foam for product packaging and agricultural applications

Extensive range of agricultural foams

Draka Interfoam offers a wide range of foams for agricultural applications that meet the stipulated quality standards. Our range varies from foams with low densities, soft foams, to high densities, hard foams. We can supply many different foam types, in the density range from 17kg/m3 up to and including 70 kg/m3 enabling you to make products with different price-quality ratios. If required, we can also assist with the delivery of fully cut and glued products.

Agricultural foam packaging

Draka Interfoam is your partner in packaging and applications of foam within the agri/packaging sector. We can supply our low-density standard Polyether foams at the perfect level of hardness for packaging purposes.

Draka Interfoam supplies AA strips, Anthurium sheets and Amaryllis blocks in various dimensions, and thicknesses and heights. We will look at the requirements together and customise products accordingly.

Foam bulb plates

Our foam factory is located in the middle of the beautiful bulb region. We are proud that at the busiest time of the year we are able to support our local bulb growers by offering flexible and fast delivery of different sized "bulb plates" for sealing the bulb crates.

Research and development

Where your requirements fall outside the specifications of our grades, our R&D department will also engineer customised foam. Together, we can develop polyether foams that meet your specific requirements and conditions.

Foam according to industry standard

Please contact us for more information on solutions for agricultural and packaging foams