Safety Foam™

Polyether foam which complies with a high degree of fire resistance.

Fireproof foam

Fireproof foam

Fire safety is an important issue, especially in the project market.
Draka Interfoam has a series of Safety Foam® foams made of CMHR polyethers. CMHR products are a further development of the so-called HR (High Resilience) polyether technology that complies with a higher degree of fire resistance. The CMHR foams meet the fire test requirements of the UK SI No. 1324, 1988 (SI no. 2358 Amend 1989), sometimes referred to in the industry as Crib 5 standard.*

* All CMHR grades meet the requirements of Annex 1, part 1: The Furniture and Installation (Fire) (Safety) Regulations UK SI NO. 1324, 1988 (SI No. 2358 AMD 1989) (AMD 1993) and the (lower) requirements California TB 117 (2013) and FMVSS302.

Fire retardant





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