Pantera® for beds and furniture

Foams that offer the right body support, moisture and heat regulation and elasticity properties and also have excellent durability.


Pantera® top quality foam

Pantera® is our top product specially developed for high-quality products on the market. Pantera scores highly on all the important properties of comfort foam. It distinguishes itself through its durability, consistent quality, and high level of comfort. The dimensional stability of this top product is exceptional and that is why we offer a 7-year guarantee in normal use.

In addition, Pantera complies with California 117A and D as standard with no extra additions, thereby maintaining optimum comfort.

Number 1 for foam in medical applications

The higher densities and the special cell structure, combined with the appropriate zoning, form a proper solution, especially in medical applications. Pantera not only ensures a reduction in the number of pressure points on the body but also has a very high moisture and heat regulation which is significant in the prevention of pressure ulcers.





Fire retardant

Small tolerances in relation to firmness


Full body support

Pantera® Origin Bio foam

Pantera® is our top product that uses renewable resources. This means that the Pantera Origin has a smaller ecological footprint. Pantera Origin offers the same features and benefits as the Pantera.

Pantera Origin is the first step towards achieving our vision of a new generation of sustainable foams, each with more renewable materials and less dependence on the petrochemical industry. We work with a range of international partners to exploit the potential of natural oilseeds. We also offer a 7-year warranty on Pantera Origin.

Pantera Nautic

Our Pantera Nautic™ foam has proven that it meets the strict IMO guidelines.

To ensure global safety onboard ships, the United Nations has established the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). This specialised agency ensures that safety and environmental requirements on board are complied with and issue certifications accordingly. An important part of the IMO certification is the FTP- (Fire Test Procedures) code for test procedures for the flammability of surfaces, according to the Marine Equipment Directive (MED).

We are proud that we meet these guidelines with our Pantera Nautic™ Should you wish to receive more information on these guidelines please contact our sales team.

The IMO certificate can be found HERE

IMO logo

Type Density kg/m3 Hardness kPa Tensile strength kPa
Pantera® 1055 / P50 40 1,6 75
Pantera® 1085 / P80 50 2,2 65
Pantera® 2100 / P100 50 2,8 70
Pantera® 2130 / P130 50 3,7 75
Pantera® 3150 / P150 50 4,3 85
Pantera® 3170 / P170 50 5,3 115
Pantera® Origin 1055 40 1,6 75
Pantera® Origin 2100 50 2,8 70
Pantera® Origin 2130 50 3,7 75

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