New generation of comfort foams.
Reliable polyether structure with the comfort of HR Foam.


Durable comfort foam

The latest development from Draka Interfoam in comfort foams is the Harmony™ serie. series. The durable Harmony foams have the proven reliability of Polyether foams with the comfort and numerous benefits of HR Foam.

Harmony foams are durable and comfortable due to good resilience and elasticity with excellent dimensional stability. Tests have shown that Harmony is the answer to indentation. The foam is very stretchy with less chance of cracking during production and has excellent ventilation due to the open cell structure.

Currently there are Harmony™ foams within a range of SG35 and SG40 in various hardnesses.

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Technical information

Type Density kg/m3 Hardness kPa Tensile strength kPa
Harmony™ 9015 / T3534 35 3,4 110
Harmony™ 9025 / T3542 35 4,3 110
Harmony™ 9515 / T4034 40 3,4 105
Harmony™ 9525 / T4045 40 4,5 100






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