Cellflex® Hard foam, soft feel

Foams that offer the right body support, moisture and heat regulation and elasticity properties and also have excellent durability.


Excellent quality, PU foam

The Cellflex® grades are high-quality PU foams developed by Draka for the comfort industry. With a soft surface and good support, Cellflex is the perfect solution between our premium product Pantera® and the standard HR foams.

Unique raw materials developed by Draka Interfoam itself, form the basis for the production of this quality. Cellflex is durable due to the high density of the foam and has a fine open cell structure which ensures excellent pressure distribution and good ventilation. In addition, Cellflex is fire retardant according to the FMVSS 302 standard.

Technical information

Type Density kg/m3 Hardness kPa Tensile strenght kPa
Cellflex® 9506 / HR 4026 40 2,6 90
Cellflex® 9516 / HR 4016 40 3,1 110
Cellflex® 10506/ HR 5033 50 3,3 75
Cellflex® 10516 / HR 5042 50 4,2 85
Cellflex® 10526 / HR 5050 50 5 120
Cellflex® 12516 / HR 7040 70 5,3 115




Fire retardant

Fine cell structure


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